“Now is the time to bring Salida together.”


Since 2010, my family and I have called Salida home. Over the last seven years, this community has given so much to me, my wife Jill and our son Gunnar. Now I’d like to give back, and am excited to be running for the Ward 1 City Council seat.
On a cold day last February skiing with the dogs on Fooses Creek trail, as I reflected on my nearly 30 years in the investment management field, I made a decision to transition to work in public service. I believe that my experience in financial management, as well as strategic management and communication skills, can help to build trust and friendships with people on all sides of the political spectrum, while helping us to meet the challenges common to all of us. Salida’s citizens and Council members alike want to be heard, respected and treated with dignity. I want to help foster an environment of cooperation while we work together to both take advantage of opportunities and solve problems that divide us.
The problems we face in Salida are similar to those facing small cities across our country. They are not insurmountable. They will require thoughtful attention, cooperation and pointed action under strong leadership. A number of years ago when I lived in Breckenridge, I witnessed how decisions that fail to balance a town’s traditions and character with smart growth can destroy its identity. I’m committed to preserving Salida’s unique character and rich and meaningful history. Now is the time for a vision that can carefully guide our city.
During that ski last February, I thought about the dilemmas polarizing our community. I had heard neighbors with differing political perspectives voice serious concerns about the lack of transparency in our municipal government. I had seen grievances develop in city business that affect all of us. I had heard government and community members treating one another disrespectfully.

My goal as a City Council member will be to represent all of my neighbors, even when their perspectives and opinions differ. Now is the time to focus our energies on Salida’s future and make positive, practical action that benefits us all.
I can’t do this alone. I need your vote — and your voice. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. Let’s meet our city’s challenges together.