Shore for Salida

Dan is an experienced manager and pragmatic decision-maker with nearly 30 years of experience in finance. He has been a youth mentor for 10 years and supports a wide range of community organizations, including Chaffee County Mentors, the Alliance Against Domestic Abuse, the educational Friday Enrichment program, and Family and Youth Initiatives. Dan is a registered Independent. He lives in Ward 1 with his wife, Jill, and son, Gunnar, and loves dogs and the outdoors.

Dan’s key issues include:

Affordable Housing

This is an area of critical concern for Salida. Dan will champion the issue and emphasize a collaborative process between the city, county, housing authority, NRCDC board, and developers, while seeking public input. 

Economic Development

Dan will focus on growth in the tourism and non-tourism sectors. He will work closely with local businesses to identify priorities, challenges, and opportunities, while leveraging the work and expertise of the Chaffee County Economic Development Board.

Smart, Strategic Planning

Dan will get Salida refocused on planning. He wants to jumpstart a collaborative effort to create a roadmap for the city’s future, based on the 2013 comprehensive plan.